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So you are interested in becoming a poker affiliate and making some extra money from your website, well here at the Poker Affiliate WebSite you will be able to find out about the best sites to join offering you the highest commision. You will also be able to find out which sites give the best marketing materials and more.

Top Poker Affiliate Site to Join. (Revshare)

• Number 1 at the list is the Chip Split program which gives affiliates a massive 40% share.
• This is currently ont of the highest paying poker affiliate programs in the industry.
• Promote several poker sites from one easy to manage program.
• You get 40% rake commission for the life of any players you sign up.
• Chip Split also provides you with all the marketing material you need.
• Huge range of banners, and a choice of landing pages.
• Chance to play in the special monthly freeroll for affiliates.
• For more information or to join this amazing program click here.

Best Poker Affiliate Site to Join. (CPA)

• Promote 4 exciting casino and gambling sites in one with 888 casino on the net and pacific poker.
• Highly recognised brand name helps deliver results.
• Huge varaiety of free and online games for money to promote.
• Easy to work control panel with full tracking statistics and tracker reporting.
• Payment options of wire transfer, bank draft neteller and moneybookers.
• Regular news letters with updates and the latest game promotions.
• Large choice of multi language banners, promotional text & marketing tools.
• To find out more about the 888 poker affiliate program click here

Whats the difference?
In a revinue share program the affiliate webmaster gets a percentage of the money made by the casino from each player. This can work both ways as a player might be lucky and win a lot from the casino causing a negative ballance. Revinue shares also work on a sliding scale. The term CPA is an abreviation for Cost Per Action. This means the affiliate gets paid a once off payment as soon as the newly registered player has completed a set of requirements. Some sites allow you to participate in both of these program types by creating multiple links or trackers so you can see one which works best for you. Hybrid poker affiliate programs are also common, these are deals made up of a combination of the two.

RevenueCPASub affiliatesRSS FeedsChoice of bannersSitesTargeting
Chip Split40%10%YesLarge2Worldwide
888 affiliate25% to 30%$80 to $1504% or $20YesLarge4No USA
Euro Partners20% to 30%$70to $115YesLarge12No USA

Rev: Revinue share levels.     CPA: Cost per action.     Sub: Sub affiliate share levels.
Sites: The number of different websites you can affiliate with from the one program.

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